Why Choose Drive Wise Thunder Bay

Did You Know? DriveWise teaches using an unique approach – we call it COOPERATIVE DRIVING. We teach about having a good attitude that does not judge other drivers for their errors bringing about a better driver who is less prone to experience road rage and aggresive driving. We need to work together on the roads to make it home safely every day.

Did you Know? We offer ALL IN PRICING – No extra charge to use the simulator, no need to purchase a SD card to record in-car lessons, and no extra charge to use your credit card to pay for courses at DriveWise.

Did you Know? The 20 hours of classroom training that all schools provide can get a little boring unless the course is very interactive. Using Simulation and CPS Units make this the most interactive and high tech. course provided in the Province.

Did you Know? That most customers are frustrated by the lack of office staff to talk to you in person. Don’t get frustrated with not being booked into on-road training – give Lisa a call, 344-3821!

Did you Know? We limit enrollment to 24 students.

Did you Know? All Driving Schools use contractors that provide the vehicle training – not at DriveWise. We have employees that we pay Stat holiday pay and vacation pay. We take responsibilty for the quality of all the instruction, we want to know what we can change (if anything) to make you even more satisfied.

Did you Know? A portion of our training is done on-line giving the student freedom to complete it in and around their busy schedule. At no point in our course do we have a student stand in front of the classroom to make presentations. We find on-line training is the best approach for both outgoing and shy students.

Did you Know? We have the ability to record in-car lessons if requested. Our experience is that the students do not take the time to review the lesson from the recording (no benefit) and therefore we do not record on a regular basis.

Did you Know? We have a great payment plan and you can pay using Master Card or Visa. Everyone loves to collect points - especially for a large purchase such as Driving School. No hidden cost to use a credit card at DriveWise.

If that isn't enough - We have the BFF Program and if you register for a class with a friend we will give both of you $25 off the course making our course less expensive than many other local schools.

Too bad that the DriveTest couldn't recommend a Driving School - I know that they would recommend us!

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