DriveWise Driving Simulators

All skills taught in our classroom are reinforced in our Driving Simulator and then again in the car with a DriveWise instuctor! Each student has a chance to perform the simulator exercises while a second member of our staff coaches, replays and corrects the driver. Everyone learns when a simulator is used properly and effectively. This part of our program is for all students and integrated with the approval of the MTO in how we instruct. Other courses may have a simulator but they are not approved to use them within the course itself.


Why Training with Simulation Makes Sense!

  • Not just any Simulator – we have the same programming that is being used in many parts of the country to train EMS, Firefighters, Snow plow operators and many other professionals.
  • The Aerospace industry swears by it…they will not allow pilots to fly an Aircraft without training on a flight Simulator FIRST…!!!
  • We simply can’t teach Winter Driving Techniques in the Summer without a Simulation…even in the Yukon…!!!
  • Fog, Rain, High Winds (especially on a tall Bridge) are best experienced on the simulator first…practice does make perfect…!!!
  • No matter how hard we try…we can’t predict when a DEER might jump in front of the vehicle. But on the simulator, it’s guaranteed to happen...!!!
  • Tire-Blowouts on the highway going 100km/hr are definitely BETTER taught on the simulator then experienced in reallife…!!!
  • Having students try text friends, drink bottles of water, or talk on their cell phones are all better experienced on the simulator first. We can show this as an impairment.
  • The only place to try out driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is on a Simulator…while wearing our Drunk Buster Goggles students will drive with impaired vision …we can instantly impair the reation time of the car (simulator) and show students how their vehicle handling abilities decrease dramatically…teaching a valuable lesson not taught anywhere else…!!
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