Winter - Visibility/Traction

4 hour Min. 5 participants – Max. 10 participants This course gives the participants insight into the causes and precautions that are taken to avoid and manage risks associated with winter driving. Two points to manage – speed and space are addressed and videos clips are used to show their effect. Simulation exercises are used to reinforce learning objectives and to confirm technique and understanding (proper reaction to skid control).

Driver Improvement

4 hours in-class 3 hours in-car (one-on-one) Min. 2 participants Full defensive driving course with highway driving risks and solutions covered. In-vehicle training includes pylon exercises such as; rear crash avoid, low speed swerve, last minute braking, brake and avoid, and mechanical emergency procedures.

Driver Evaluation

3 hours in-class 1.5 hours in-car Min. 2 participants Generally used as a review course for the ‘Driver Improvement” course. Covers full defensive driving and evaluates driver in vehicle (no pylon exercises).

Large Group Sessions

3 hour course (no simulation or in-car) Min. 7 participants – Max. 25 participants Can be customized to meet needs of participants. Mainly covering defensive driving concepts.