The Defensive Driver

4 hour course
Min. 5 participants – max. 10 participants

‘The Defensive Driver’ course combines in-class, and state of the art virtual reality simulation training. Program is based on highly recognized defensive driving concepts interspersed with our simulator labs and CPS testing. The simulator labs host exercises in a variety of traffic, environmental & driving environments. Exercises are designed to reinforce learning objectives of the theoretical content and to confirm techniques and understanding.



An additional one hour to the course

Shorter version of the full Eco-Driver described below being sure all essentials are covered.


Winter – Visibility/Traction

An additional two hours to the course

Shorter version of the full Winter – Visibility/traction course described below – being sure all essential are covered.


2 hour course (class & simulator)

Min. 5 participants – max. 10 participants

As gas prices climb, employees need to learn the secrets to driving economically. We have a program dedicated to small and large corporations that can measure gas consumption and train employees (and employers too!) how to save gas, and bottom line…MONEY!

- Policies & Procedures

ADMIRAL TRAINING believes that a company that has their driving policies and procedures set out in a logical way encourages their employees to take driving seriously. We can help with that process by helping the company to look at their risks and drafting a plan to reduce collisions and injuries. We help you be in compliance with safety regulations.

+ Safety Seminars

Our most requested Safety Seminar in a talk that we do that addresses the risks of Winter Driving. We don't just talk at your staff but rather encouage them to participate and ask questions. We draw on the experience of these drivers that already have years of experience and know-how. Let us do the training with this low cost approach to reminding your staff of the dangers encountered each day behind the wheel. Company meetings, events, and luncheons - we do that!

+ In-Class training

In-Class training is our most requested fleet training method. Having over 21 years of experience in the driver training feild, Terry can present topics that address your concerns. To make the presentation relevant - the use of short video clips to show the effects and solve problems found in common driving practices. We use CPS Units (Classroom Performance Systems) to enhance and assure the information is being retained by your staff. CPS Units are student response system using wireless connectivity. It gives instructors and students immediate feedback from the entire class. CPS helps us to increase student preparation, interactivity and active learning so you can receive immediate feedback and know what students understand. CPS allows us to administer quizzes and tests, and provide immediate grading or simply give a participation grade. We love using them and so do our students!

+ In-Vehicle Training

The most effective method of training is learning the correct way while actually doing it. Nothing replaces the behind the wheel training and the direct connection drivers make with the concepts taught. Our staff is well equiped to instruct one-on-one in any class G vehicle. We have staff that have over 20 years experience, a former Drive Test examinar, and the only Driver Rehab Specialist Instructor in north western Ontario. Defensive driving, highway driving, gravel shoulder recovery, parking skills, pylon maneuvers, evaluating and more. We have it here for your staff!

+ Simulator

Why Training with Simulation Makes Sense! Not just any Simulator - we have the same programming that is being used in many parts of the country to train EMS, Firefighters, Snow plow operators and many other professionals. The Aerospace industry swears by it…they will not allow pilots to fly an Aircraft without training on a flight Simulator FIRST…!!! We simply can’t teach Winter Driving Techniques in the Summer without a Simulation…even in the Yukon…!!! No matter how hard we try…we can’t predict when a DEER might jump in front of the vehicle – but on the simulator we can make it happen. Tire-Blowouts on the highway going 100km/hr are definitely BETTER taught on the simulator. WANT TO TRY IT?? GIVE US A CALL.

+ Online

Online learning is cost effective and convenient! Online driver training is ideal for the one or two employees that come along and need to be brought up to speed on their safety training. The safety manager at your office can purchase a single or many courses at anytime from their own computer. ADMIRAL TRAINING is a distributor of idrivesafely courses - visit them at fleet.idrivesafely.ca. You can control what topics are taught and when they need to be done by. You can set the pass mark for the testing and how many tries they get at it. You can monitor their progress and it will automatically send out reminders for them to complete the course so that they can be automatically sent a certificate of training. Please feel free to call me and I can do an online meeting to show you the advantages to this type of training.

+ Specialty

We can create courses for your specific needs. Some of the courses that have been requested (for example) are; trailering for class G vehicles, skid control, eco driving, etc.

Winter - Visibility/Traction

4 hour Min. 5 participants – Max. 10 participants This course gives the participants insight into the causes and precautions that are taken to avoid and manage risks associated with winter driving. Two points to manage – speed and space are addressed and videos clips are used to show their effect. Simulation exercises are used to reinforce learning objectives and to confirm technique and understanding (proper reaction to skid control).

Driver Improvement

4 hours in-class 3 hours in-car (one-on-one) Min. 2 participants Full defensive driving course with highway driving risks and solutions covered. In-vehicle training includes pylon exercises such as; rear crash avoid, low speed swerve, last minute braking, brake and avoid, and mechanical emergency procedures.

Driver Evaluation

3 hours in-class 1.5 hours in-car Min. 2 participants Generally used as a review course for the ‘Driver Improvement” course. Covers full defensive driving and evaluates driver in vehicle (no pylon exercises).

Large Group Sessions

3 hour course (no simulation or in-car) Min. 7 participants – Max. 25 participants Can be customized to meet needs of participants. Mainly covering defensive driving concepts.